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Nutrius Dairy Supplements

Commitment to Value

As a market leader in the dairy industry for over 30 years, Nutrius offers unparalleled experience to help dairy producers prosper in a climate of herd consolidations, higher-producing cows, on-farm mixing, and ever changing milk prices. Nutrius’ commitment to this market sector remains the same…to offer dairy producers greater value for their feed dollar.

Comprehensive Product Line

Nutrius markets a comprehensive product line of vitamin/mineral supplements, and custom manufactures mixes to meet customer-specific formulas. Additionally, Nutrius carries an extensive line of specialty branded items. Everything from yeast products, rumen protected fats, selenium yeast, chelated minerals and treated soy products to free choice nutritional blocks.

Personalized Service

Nutrius’ headquarters in Kingsburg, CA and new facility in Hereford, TX give dairy producers easy one-stop shopping service for all their supplement and specialty dairy product needs. We have the most experienced sales force serving dairy producers throughout California, Texas, Nevada and Hawaii. This personal, individualized service assures producers of getting what they want, when they need it. Nutrius’ customer service, formulations and technical service departments ensure precise formulation, timely order placement and accurate shipments.

Product Availability

Nutrius’ product offering and quick order fulfillment helps dairy producers decrease inventory cost, reduce shrinkage and minimize transportation costs. The majority of Nutrius products are available in meal and pellet form, and in the package weights and freight carrier choices.

Nutrius Premixes

Vitamins & Minerals

A full line of vitamin/trace mineral premixes, vitamin premixes, and water-soluble premixes are readily available. Or we can custom blend and label premixes to meet customer-specific nutrient requirements.

Health Products

Nutrius also supplies feed-grade animal health products. Following strict quality control standards, and Food & Drug Administration regulations, products are available in either high potency formulas (FDA Regulation 1900) or as lower potency second-generation blends.

Specialty Branded Products

Additionally, Nutrius carries an extensive line of specialty branded products. Everything from yeast products, amino acids, chelated minerals and animal buffers, to rumen protected fats.

Cost Advantage

Kingsburg's central location, extensive product offering, and quick order fulfillment helps customers decrease inventory cost, reduce product shrinkage, and minimize overall warehousing costs.


  • 25 tons Stinger
  • walking floors
  • bottom dump trucks

Multi-Walled Bags

  • 50 lbs on 4-way pallets
  • Flatbed trucks

Super Sacks

  • Short ton on 4-way pallets
  • Flatbed trucks

Pressed Blocks

  • 40 & 50 lbs (plastic wrapped) on 4-way pallets
  • Flatbed trucks

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